Embracing Efficiency: The Power of Technology in Meetings

Written by
Charlene Currie

Embracing Technology in meetings: no longer the distraction it was once considered!

Let's talk about a little wake-up call I had during my time volunteering with a local charity club. You see, for years, I was used to showing up to meetings with just a notebook and pen with my phone tucked away on silent. But in today's digital age, that's just not the standard anymore.

Back in 2010, when I was working for NSP,  the shift to a paperless office was in full swing. Suddenly, showing up to a meeting without your computer was like showing up without your pants – you just weren't prepared. Everything we needed was at our fingertips – files, emails, calendars, you name it. And the expectation was clear: come ready to work, or don't bother showing up.

As I moved on to different companies, I realized that this level of digital readiness wasn't necessarily the norm in other business environments. But I was never questioned on how I showed up – in fact, it was often appreciated that I could tackle tasks on the spot and keep things moving.

That is, until I volunteered for the local charity club. I'll never forget the moment I was told that electronic devices were strictly forbidden in meetings. They pride themselves on this rule, even calling people out for checking their phones. I understand how electronics can be distracting but we are adults and here to give our time. I suddenly felt ashamed and second guessed how my reliance on electronics could perhaps affect my work.  I was actually devastated. How could I possibly contribute efficiently without my trusty phone and computer by my side?

You see, for me, my phone isn't just a device – it's my lifeline. It holds my notes, my calendar, my inspiration – everything I need to stay organized and informed. So, being asked to leave it at the door felt like being asked to leave a part of me behind.

But here's the thing: in today's world, technology isn't a distraction – it's a tool for efficiency. If businesses are not invested in getting the most out of meetings, maybe meetings should not be scheduled? But if they are, why not leverage technology to make information sharing and teamwork the most efficient means possible?

Instead of shunning devices, let's embrace them as tools for collaboration and productivity. Whether it's taking notes, sending emails, or accessing important information in real time, technology can help us work smarter, not harder.

So, the next time you're tempted to ban devices from a meeting, think about the missed opportunities for efficiency and collaboration. Let's embrace technology and unlock new possibilities for success.

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