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At Optimize, our mission is to empower small business owners and leaders to achieve their goals through a unique combination of expert guidance, streamlined processes, and authentic relationships. We believe that automation is key to achieving efficiency and growth, but we also know the importance of maintaining authenticity in all business interactions. By helping our clients optimize their workflows and systems, we enable them to focus on what they do best: running their business.
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Improve the efficiency and effectiveness off your core operational systems, workflows, and processes.
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We provide specialized day-to-day support to efficiently carry out specific administrative tasks or projects.
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Our Values

Tailored solutions for business success

We are committed to providing businesses with personalized solutions that are easy to use, reliable, and effective, while empowering clients to take control of their own success.

Coming together, communicating, and collaborating to achieve outstanding results as a stellar team!

Keeping it real with straight talk, open books, and a whole lot of integrity.

Nurturing a culture where life and work balance, we strive for a lifestyle that supports personal and professional well-being, creating an environment where our team can thrive.

Your challenges are our challenges, and we're not satisfied until solutions are achieved. Partnering closely, we make your success our top priority, turning obstacles into shared victories.

We deliver measurable results for our clients, helping them achieve their goals and grow their businesses.

We hire and work with experts in our field. Making a commitment to keep growing and evolving every day by staying on the cutting edge of knowledge and making the most of the latest innovations.

We don't just teach; we empower by supporting every step of the way, turning commitment into tangible results.

Embracing change and unpredictability with a cool and collected attitude, turning chaos into opportunities for innovation and growth.

We provide simple and easy-to-use solutions that make managing your business easier.


What our clients have to say

In the many years that Charlene & I have work together, we had to face many different challenges in many varying degrees of scope and impact including on an operational level, resource management whether it was financial, manpower or time.

The great thing about Charlene is that she always had the knack to identify and quickly assess the challenge ahead. She would then provide a temporary solution depending on the level of urgency but her investigative nature would not let it go at a mere quick fix. She would take the time to reflect on the situation and pull back in order to see the bigger picture. Together, we would crunch her ideas and she would communicate to all appropriate parties all areas of possible improvement including communication channels, procurement solutions, health & safety hazards mitigation, reallocation of resources, etc. Her commitment to one of her core values: integrity, was also very apparent because in her communication, the areas of improvement were not limited to who else could improve because it includes her growth. For example, “What could I have done better here?” is a sentence that I’ve heard a lot in our years together.

What always fascinated me is that the solution provided were always process driven. What do I mean by this? Her solutions often became Standard Operating Procedures. Charlene is a system builder. Her strategies and processes would achieve the desired outcome and results which something we all benefit from me because at the end of the day, whether it’s a big corporation or small business, we need these systems to have us more efficient and reliable. This is what working with Charlene does for you and your business, makes it better.
Pierre-Philip Martin
Senior Facilities Manager CBRE
Charlene has been a game-changer for our construction business. Her expertise enabled us to elevate our already successful six-figure operation to new heights. Charlene introduced a digital transformation that revolutionized the way we did business.

With Charlene's guidance, I gained insight into advanced processes for cost tracking, payroll management, scheduling, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and profit and loss analysis. This newfound clarity empowered me to make informed decisions and optimize our operations.

Charlene has been a game-changer for our construction business. Her expertise enabled us to elevate our already successful six-figure operation to new heights. Charlene introduced a digital transformation that revolutionized the way we did business.

What truly set Charlene apart was her commitment to accountability. She not only established clear expectations for our team but also implemented a system for regular check-ins and performance assessments. This proactive approach ensured that everyone was aligned with our goals, and we were constantly improving.

Thanks to Charlene's guidance, our capacity grew by an astounding 500%, and our profitability reached new heights. I can't thank Charlene enough for her invaluable contributions to our success. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to transform and thrive in today's digital age.
D. Currie
Foxwood Contracting Inc.
Kudos to the great people of Optimize who created the ad for my 4-bedroom home in Hubley, Nova Scotia! They did an incredible job highlighting all the fantastic features and making it so appealing. Well done!
Jason Noseworthy
Rental Property Owner
Charlene at Optimize has been a true lifesaver for us in the challenging world of residential property management. In the midst of a housing crisis, where listing and screening for a quality tenant can be an overwhelming task, Charlene stepped in and made a world of difference for both us as the owners and the prospective tenants.

She crafted an outstanding advertising campaign that not only highlighted the unique features of our properties but also conveyed a sense of ease and accessibility. Charlene's digital application form streamlined the entire rental process, removing the burdens and frustrations that often come with it.

Thanks to her expertise and innovation, we were able to provide potential tenants with a user-friendly, efficient, and hassle-free experience. This not only attracted a larger pool of qualified applicants but also enhanced our reputation as a property management company.

Charlene's contributions have been nothing short of transformative, helping us navigate this with confidence. Her dedication to simplifying and improving our rental process has made a significant impact, and we can't thank her enough for her outstanding work through Optimize.
B&D Rentals Inc.
Optimize Business Solutions was an absolute blessing when it came to finding new tenants for our rentals!

Being relatively new to the rental business, finding the right tenants is crucial to us. We have a very busy young family and my husband and I both work full-time. Our time is limited to address each person who expresses interest in a very hectic market. After trying to find our last tenant, we realized a lot of time was spent on people who were not genuinely interested in our rental. This was beyond frustrating and very stressful!

Charlene rescued us from this incredible headache, making the process so much easier! She created a beautiful ad with photos we provided her, and created an online application form customized to our rentals. This helped us narrow down our prospective tenants, and enabled us to organize viewings with only the applicants we thought to be a good fit!

Charlene also had lots of very helpful tips when looking for a tenant that I hadn’t previously considered. She answered any and all of our questions quickly and thoroughly, no matter how ridiculous I may have felt when asking her. Her experience is evident, and we couldn’t be more thankful! We just filled two rentals in a very short time thanks to her process!

Thank you Charlene for your efficiency, knowledge, and creativity, and for taking a ton of stress off our plates. I know there are a lot of people looking for a place to call home right now, but you helped us find the right fit! We will be using your services again, I’m sure of it! A million times over, thank you!
Breagh Ferguson
Rental Property Owner
I have had the sincere pleasure of working with Charlene for 8-9 years while operating closely within two separate contracts. Charlene is swift, focused, tactical, and precise. Charlene approaches each business scenario with all parties in mind, leading with integrity, honesty, and respect. I have enjoyed working with Charlene on the many projects we conquered throughout our working relationship!
Mary Cunningham
Imperial Cleaners Ltd.
Optimize has had a huge impact on our efficiency, data security, process improvement and time management. We are a much stronger business with Charlene on our team and I would strongly recommend Optimize for any sized business.
Tyler Dougan
Get Up Grow Accounting & Tax Advisory Services
Charlene is just the catalyst we needed to help us increase efficiency and make more of our digital platforms in our business. She has high energy and is passionate about providing assistance to her clients, and that shines through in everything she does. She is just what we needed to get us organized and on the path to working more efficiently and able to spend more time working with our clients and less time bogged down in administrative tasks.
Robyn Watt Dixon
Sutherland Watt CPA's
Charlene did an excellent job leading us through a workshop to help clarify how to develop standard operating procedures.
Nora Perry
Centre for Women in Business
Charlene and her team @ Optimize Business Solutions is amazing at what they do! If you're on the fence in regards to working with someone to help your business reach the next level look no further. Make the leap and set up a consultation and Optimize your business!! You won't be disappointed.
Derek Strong
Dr D's Detailing

From uncertainty to an unstoppable dream

Charlene shares her story from city lights to constructions lights to realizing her mission to empower business owners and forward-thinking leaders to achieve their goals.
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Quickbooks Advanced Certified ProAdvisor Online Since 2023
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